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If you have questions about being a småle, or things you want to share with other småles, just send it over! We are always happy to receive stuff from you! Post it by mail to småles, Or you can drop us a note here:
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Rights of a småle
Hej småles! Here are your rights and benefits as citizens of Småland.
Benefits of a Smålish citizen
  • Discounted kids’ meal & free drinks
  • Earn $0.50 Smålish dållars for each visit
  • Redeem for småles merchandise
  • Take part in special activities and events
  • Regular Bug News
  • Free princess cake on your 13th birthday
Rights of a Smålish citizen
  • So long as you are aged between 4 to 12 years and 9 months (according to your date of birth), anyone living in Bangkok can become a Smålish citizen. Citizenship will remain valid until the end of your 13th birthday month, regardless of when you joined. Please bring along a grown-up when you apply.
  • Applications are only accepted at the IKEA Bangna Bug House.
  • Your application should be accompanied with your guardian's consent (signature) and you need to have your photograph taken at the Bug House in order to get your Smålish passport.
  • Each småle can only have one active passport at any time. Illegal possession of a duplicate passport can result in a termination of account and fine of $2 Smålish dållars. Replacement of lost passports would cost $2 Smålish dållars. However, replacement of full passports is free.
  • Temporary card holders have to complete the entire application process within 3 months from the date of registration, in order to secure their Smålish citizenship and get a passport.
  • Each time you visit IKEA Bangna and scan your passport at the småles shroom (coupon machine), you will receive a sticker for your passport (maximum one per day). Only by scanning your passport, a visit will be registered and you will receive $0.50 Smålish dållars. The stickers are not representative of the amount of money you have.
  • You can use your Smålish dållars in various ways. Your dållars and sänts can be withdrawn and printed from the småles shroom. Smålish dållars and sänts are not legal tender in Bangkok or the IKEA store. Unused Smålish currency would be transferred to the Småland National Reserve upon expiry of your points or citizenship.
  • By scanning your passport at the småles shroom, you can also receive a coupon for one discounted kid’s meal and one free drink at the IKEA Restaurant. This coupon can only be used by yourself, once on the day of your visit, and for consumption at the IKEA Restaurant. If your passport or the meal coupon is found to be misused, it will be taken away. Your passport may also be confiscated.
  • You can visit IKEA Bangna as many times as you want, but earn a maximum of $10 Smålish dållars for store visits in a year (Jan-Dec). Although there are other ways you can earn Smålish dållars.
  • Smålish dållars earned during the calendar year, regardless of month, will expire on 31 December two years later, or at the end of your 13th birthday month, whichever is earlier.
  • Expired dållars and lost 13th Birthday letters will not be reinstated or replaced. It is the responsibility of the Smålish citizen to take note of their citizenship expiry and make any redemption and use of their Smålish dållars before expiry.
  • You will get a chance to participate in special activities and events. Guardian’s consent is required before you are allowed to join in any activity or event. It is your responsibility to remember the details of the activity you’d registered for. No refund will be given for no-show situations.
  • Height restrictions (100 - 130 cm.) to enter the Småland playroom still apply regardless of age.
  • IKEA reserves the right to decline any application of Smålish citizenship. IKEA also has the right to amend any benefits, terms and conditions of operation of the småles programme without prior notice. Citizenship may be revoked if there is any violation of Småland's state legislation.
Being a småle is so much fun!

småles enjoy many benefits at the IKEA store.
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