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If you have questions about being a småle, or things you want to share with other småles, just send it over! We are always happy to receive stuff from you! Post it by mail to småles, Or you can drop us a note here:
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Story Of Småland
We have lived in the Småland magical forest for over 1,000 years. Yes, we may be older than you but we are still as fit as ever! Being active keeps us young. And there are so many fun things to do here:
When you are hungry, come taste our giant berries. Your tummy will be full with just one berry because they are so big!
If you want adventure, try climbing our giant spider webs! Challenge your friends to see who will be the first to reach the top.
For your fun time, let's play hide and seek! The best place to hide is in our huge clogs. Shh... Don't tell anyone!
When you wish to swim, dive into our clear lakes and bathe in our berry pools. Splash around and refresh yourself.
When you are tired, get some rest on these comfortable tree chairs. Enjoy the fresh breeze from our tree friends.
We love our tree friends!
Speaking of trees, they are our best pals! We play with our tree friends every day and they provide us with fresh air and shade.
We also cook the paper from trees to make our favourite paper porridge and paper snacks. Yummy!
To thank the forest and our tree friends for the delicious food, we often plant new trees. That's why the Småland magical forest is always growing!
We wish to make new friends.
We want to get to know more people. That's why we've invited the most important people in the world, the children, to join us and be Smålish citizens! We love having our citizens because they make Småland a much more fun place to live in! Be a Smålish citizen and live with us in the magical Forest!
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Being a småle is so much fun!

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