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If you have questions about being a småle, or things you want to share with other småles, just send it over! We are always happy to receive stuff from you! Post it by mail to småles, Or you can drop us a note here:
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Paper Recycling
Bring newspapers to feed our growling tummies! We have filled our tummies with a lot of paper porridge! Unfortunately some of these turned out to be indigestible materials. Tummyaches are no fun at all! We only like newspapers, so please bring it down to the Bug House. You get to earn green credits too!

For every 1kg of newspaper you bring back, you get to earn green credits.

  • Every 1kg recycled = 1 green credit

For example, 15kg of newspapers will earn you 15 green credits.

What can you do with your green credits? Well, you can redeem them for Smålish dallars.

  • 3 green credits = $0.50 Smålish dållars
*Min 5kg of newspapers required.

Click here for more FAQs about your green credits.


Being a småle is so much fun!

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